Let's cut down on drink

Cut back on alcohol and feel a bit better every day - it's easier to start than you think

Feel healthier, lose weight and save money. Just pick your days to skip alcohol and get practical support to stick with it.

Ways to cut down

Top tips to cut down on alcohol

From swapping to lower-strength beers to dodging rounds, read our top tips and drink swaps ideas to help you drink less.

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Know your units

You may be surprised at how much alcohol is in your favourite drink. Use our guide to tally up your units and get practical ideas to cut back.

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Need more support?

There's lots of help out there - use your local alcohol support service or call Drinkline free on 0300 123 1110.

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Other useful links

The main local service for supporting adults (18+) with alcohol and drug problems. Telephone: 01204 483090.

For people who might need a bit help accessing support for whatever reason. Telephone: 0161 871 2623, weekdays 9am to 5pm.

National 24 hour helpline available 0800 917 7650. Also email help@aamail.org and visit the website where you can find out about local groups and meetings.

The service is for young people who are using alcohol or drugs, or who are worried about alcohol or drugs. It is also for anyone who has a concern about young people and alcohol or drugs. You can contact 360° by telephone on 01204 337330.

Offers support and understanding to the families and friends of dependent drinkers. You can call their confidential helpline on 0800 0086 811 (open 10am to 10pm).

Call any time day or night if you feel your mental health is beginning to suffer. The helpline is now free to use and available to everyone at 0800 051 3253.

Bolton charity which provided 1-1 support, self-help groups and non-statutory advocacy all year round. Support groups include craft and social, people living with autism/depression, anxiety and self-esteem. Telephone: 01204 527000.

Helpline available 10am to midnight. Telephone: 0300 9991212.

Text service 24/7 text line where you text GMBolton to 85258 to start a text conversation with a trained crisis volunteer for free.

Community provision

Drink Free Days

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Drink Free Days app

Drink Free Days is for people who like a drink but want some support in tracking and cutting down on the booze. Understand more about your current drinking and risk levels as it common for people to underestimate how much they drink.

  • Simple and practical tips to help you control your drinking
  • Easy to update and track your Drink Free Days
  • Receive reminders when you need it most
  • Celebrate milestones when you reach your targets
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